Our promises

At Rubix, customer satisfaction is our priority.

That’s why every year we carry out a customer satisfaction survey (cNPS) to find out where we can make improvements and always provide a better response to our customers’ industrial challenges.

Following the 2023 survey, we made 4 commitments which you can find below with their associated action plans.

Increase visibility of order delivery status/OTD

  • We aim to improve our reporting and communication of product delivery information in order to keep our customers fully informed of their order status at all times

Increase Value Proposition Awareness

  • We will share more information about the Rubix Value Proposition and what that means for our customers – including the Rubix Solution model and our full product and value added services offering

Increase ability of customers to find what they are looking for (digital)

  • We will carry out a range of data enhancement initiatives to ensure enrichment for all webshop products, as well as improving the ‘findability’ of our products and services online and thus improving the customer experience

Country spcific promises

  • We aim to offer more opportunities for customers to share their thoughts, feedback and suggestions with us to ensure our improvement is continuous

Have any suggestions?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our services