Our values

Our Group values set the standard for how we do business with our customers, suppliers and each other. They include: act with integrity, own and take action, stay curious, never settle and embrace perspectives.

Act with integrity

This means staying “fair” and unbiased, acting from a grounded position, recognising the challenges of a situation and acting in trusted relations with the courage to say what is needed.

Own and take action

This means taking clear responsibility for bold targets, being accountable for all targets, deliverables and actions as promised and ensuring follow through on key decisions taken, providing execution in a timely manner.

Stay curious

This means staying inquisitive towards the customer’s present and emerging needs, being creative in problem solving and inspiring ourselves to innovate solutions. We will engage and develop ourselves and our peers and follow our competitors closely.

Never settle

This means doing all assignments “right the first time”, continually improving core competencies to deliver continuously better solutions, and being aware of the difference that makes to our customers and others.

Embrace perspectives

This means creating an appreciative work environment, and acting  receptively and respectfully towards colleagues and external partners to integrate views. It means demonstrating transparency and sharing honest and direct feedback with one another.