Our customers

Expertise in many industries

Our customers are amongst the leading names in the European industrial sector. Through our unique geographical blueprint covering 22 countries and 750 locations we are close to them, wherever they need us.

We have used that scale to negotiate better terms with suppliers and to win new business.

We have created a true multi-specialist value proposition, which is resonating with our customers. We don’t just supply products. We provide services that require boots on the ground and brains in the room.

Challenges we solve

We apply our technical expertise and specialist knowledge across a wide range of industry sectors and processing environments.

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Adding value

We have a proven track record of delivering solutions and benefits to our customers both nationally and globally.

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Customer case studies

Find out how we helped a vehicle manufacturer improve its component lifespan, how we helped our client reduce costs through training and how we helped a food manufacturer improve site efficiency.

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