Our ambition

Our ambition is to transform the delivery of industrial products and solutions across Europe for our customers. We’ll do this by focussing on our unique customer understanding, our differentiated technical expertise and our engaged, entrepreneurial workforce.

Our unparalleled network puts us closer to customers all over Europe, and our technical specialists have the skills and savviness to find solutions for everyone we work with.

We’re here to be what our customers need: a trusted advisor that can drive their business forward.

Three behaviours to power our success:

Constantly anticipate

With technical advisors and people on the ground in every corner of Europe, we get closer to our customers and use foresight to constantly meet their changing needs.

Disrupt to progress

Our teams of specialist advisors are empowered to disrupt a one-size-fits-all approach and bring tailor-made, cutting-edge solutions that modernise and move our customers’ businesses forward.

Rethink knowledge

We create a flow of knowledge — across our portfolio of companies, between our teams and with our customers — sharing technology, innovation and best practices to constantly challenge and improve what we know.