Challenges we solve


We work with a wide range of automotive brands to reduce unscheduled downtime by proactively managing and maintaining critical components of assembly lines.

Cement & aggregates

We have extensive experience working with some of the biggest names in cement and aggregates. With a need to keep production lines running 24/7/365, always having the right part at the right time is vital – and we’re here to help.


We have experience serving the glass industry and the uniquely demanding environment in which their components operate.

Distribution & logistics

Our huge network makes us the ideal distribution partner including wholesale distribution, sub-distribution and shipping.

Power & utilities

We work with some of the biggest names in the oil, gas and utilities sectors to ensure minimal downtime through planned maintenance and support.

Food & beverage

We understand the unique demands of food and drink production, from hygiene to operating machinery in wet and frozen environments.

Industrial engineering

We are experts in the supply and maintenance of domestic and industrial machinery, as well as medical and precision machinery and engineering.


We have a wide range of experience serving the metals industry, from improving energy and production efficiency to supplying rapid replacement of critical parts.


We ensure recycling plants suffer minimal downtime by supplying and maintaining components that are capable of withstanding outdoor environments, abrasive and often toxic materials and vibration.

Pulp, paper & packaging

We work with paper manufacturers, publishers and packaging suppliers on a range of services from supplying stock to maintaining and replacing manufacturing components.

Pharmaceuticals & chemicals

We have experience serving the unique pharmaceutical and chemical industries dealing in extreme environments where production depends on fast 24/7/365 responsiveness.


We work with global aviation, public transport and aerospace businesses that have large stockholding requirements, continuous production cycles and major safety implications.