Reduced procurement costs due to a portfolio of over 5 million products from one supplier

Business situation


A Food & Drink customer were purchasing tools from multiple vendors across the UK. Seeing an opportunity to consolidate vendors and offer unit cost reduction savings, Rubix worked alongside the Engineering Buyer to promote Roebuck Tools across 5 sites.

Business approach


Roebuck is a brand for Industrial End Users and is a High Quality brand exclusively available from Rubix.

As it is competitively priced in the market, the customer gave Rubix the opportunity to quote on 50 hand tools for 5 sites.

Outcome / saving


Savings on an item level ranged from 5% to 80%. Most of the items were converted to Roebuck.

Rubix also offers a full lifetime exchange warranty on all hand tools.

Saving of 32% = € 13,750