Reduced energy consumption

Business situation


Roof top Air Handling Units were running 24/7 when not required to. Rubix was asked to see if it could reduce the running time of the Air Handling Units s and /or isolate fans when they were not required to run.

Business approach


Rubix’s technical specialists visited the site twice and offered a solution which involved fitting inverter drives to each of the motors (20 Air Handling Units with 2 motors each).

Along with isolating some fans, the biggest energy saving opportunity was to reduce the fan speeds. A small reduction of 10% of the fan speed equates to 50% reduction in the power required by the motor.

Outcome / saving


Reducing fan speed by 10% = €42,824.64 per annum.
Switching off 3 bays and operating for 3 days per week for 6 months = €11,100.19 per annum.
Switching 2 bays from 24/7 and operating for 2 days per week all year round = €18,500.33 per annum.
The project was approved, and the cost savings were €72,425.16 per annum, or 392 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Saving €72,425.16