9 July 2018 – Rubix, formerly known as IPH-Brammer, has been ranked 27th in the prestigious Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100.

Published yesterday (Sunday July 8), the 18th annual Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the biggest sales.

With a turnover of more than €2.2bn in 2017, and over 650 locations across Europe, Rubix is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services. The company rebranded from the name IPH-Brammer in June this year with the change reflecting the company’s agenda to transform the delivery of industrial products and solutions across Europe for its customers.

Group CEO, Martin Gaarn Thomsen said: “We are pleased to receive this recognition. It reinforces our ambition to transform our industry and provide innovative value-adding services and propositions to keep our customers moving forward.”

IPH-Brammer was formed in September 2017 from the merger of IPH and Brammer, following the acquisition of IPH in September 2017 and the earlier acquisition of Brammer by Advent International.