People policies

Equal opportunity

The Group recognises the value of a diverse workforce. Our objective is to maintain an inclusive environment where our colleagues can make the best use of their skills, free from discrimination or harassment. We recruit, train, develop and reward employees based on merit, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other factor unrelated to performance or experience.

The Group assesses people with disabilities for employment and career development opportunities based on their professional performance and capability, in the same way as all other candidates and employees. Any employee that becomes disabled during their career with Rubix will be retained in employment wherever possible and given help with rehabilitation and training.

Code of conduct and ethics

The success of our business depends on our employees. Together, we are committed to conducting business responsibly. The code of conduct and ethics govern how we do business, for the benefit of employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work.

It sets out the guidelines and requirements of behaviours that should be observed when working for and with Rubix. This document applies to all of our employees in all the countries that we operate in, but is also aimed at providing guidance to our business partners to understand our commitments on key ethical principles.

The code of conduct and ethics is available here.


We are committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability. An important aspect of accountability and transparency is a mechanism to enable employees to voice compliance-related concerns in a responsible and effective manner, helping us to prevent and detect serious malpractice or wrongdoing, particularly related to corruption.

The whistleblowing policy is available here.

Flexible working

We aim to have a flexible working policy in each market, in line with local laws and regulations, that supports wellbeing by accommodating a variety of working patters to help improve employee wellbeing, engagement and retention.

Parental leave

We have policies in place to support colleagues in balancing professional and personal commitments.  These policies are established locally, following relevant legislation. They cover areas including maternity and paternity leave, shared maternity and paternity leave and adoption leave.


We support our colleagues to develop and manage their careers with an annual performance management process, complemented by ongoing conversations about their aspirations and available development opportunities. The Rubix Academy is the home of learning for our colleagues, offering access to a wide variety of courses in multiple languages helping them to develop the skills they require to succeed and progress.


We set compensation levels that attract and retain the best people in the market. Salaries are reviewed annually, with any increases based on business performance, local pay and market conditions. Bonuses reflect both business and personal performance.