We take our purpose seriously. Rubix exists to keep the wheels of industry turning, right across Europe.

For European manufacturers, this means that demand is met, and promises are kept whether we are helping to keep the bread baking, put planes in the sky or make people feel better.

Customer needs have always driven changes in manufacturing and industrial production. The industrial revolution itself was a response to the rise of business and growing trade.

Producers of goods needed a way to meet the rising demand. The machines were the answer but as time moved on they needed to work harder and produce more. Sometimes they broke. When the broke, they needed to be fixed.

This took time and affected the relationships producers had with their customers. Their businesses and their reputations were built on reliability.

Today, that fundamental principle has not changed. Customers today still worry about up-time. But their needs and concerns have become many. They are complex and interrelated.

Up-time is still very important but sustainability, regulatory compliance, health & safety and cost have been added to the list of considerations for the maintenance manager or operations engineer.

The approach will be different from chemicals to confectionary, automotive to aerospace, pharmaceuticals to fizzy drinks, but the objectives are the same.

These businesses need to fix the issues before they occur, reduce the opportunity for accidents, ensure compliance in the eyes of stricter regulation while improving both productivity and quality.

The traditional box-moving model of industrial distribution can’t solve the problems of European manufacturing. Products alone are not the solution. Only products and services together can keep the wheels turning.

It takes boots on the ground and brains in the room. Manufacturers need specialist advice, insight and services delivered by people who understand the unique requirements of their manufacturing environment.

That’s what you get with Rubix. Whether it’s our logistics services such as industrial vending, Scanning and stores management, technical services including customisation, repair and calibration or engineering services like condition monitoring, energy management and automation, we have technical advisers in every corner of Europe.

We get closer to our customers and use foresight to constantly meet their changing needs.

European manufacturers need a partner that can support them across plants, countries and the continent, in the established markets and the fast-growing eastern European economies. We fulfil our purpose, so that they can fulfil theirs.

Jesper Mikkelsen
Group VP, Services