Rubix exists to keep the wheels of industry turning — right across Europe. The technical expertise and specialist knowledge that we provide across products and services means we can support our customers whether they are growing fast or navigating headwinds.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) reduces the risk of unplanned downtime. It serves many other purposes but this one rules over all others.

For any manufacturer, the costs associated with MRO live in the ‘long tail of the long tail’ of company spend. However, unplanned downtime represents major reputation and financial risks.

Although MRO spend is low profile, the risks are extremely high profile.

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to reduce costs without risking quality, uptime, safety, productivity and efficiency. This applies whether they are driving growth, working to achieve annual efficiency targets or protecting margins when trading conditions are tough.

When we agree a new contract with our customers, we commit to reducing the total cost of ownership. It’s written in the terms of our agreement. This is how we do it.

Firstly, we offer the opportunity to consolidate suppliers. They are able to use one distributor to provide products and services across all of their European plants and factories. Since we are Europe’s largest distributor, carrying over 1.5m SKUs — all requiring technical advice on how to apply them — we can negotiate better terms than any other distributor. This means our customers immediately save money on those items.

Secondly, our network of 8,000 experts are also available to deliver technical services that extend the life of existing assets. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are essential for preventing costly machine failures.

Thirdly, customers can access a range of products from brands available exclusively through Rubix. All products from these brands come with the standards, specifications, quality and performance that our customers demand, but at a lower cost. We are the only distributor to carry GISS personal and protective equipment, Roebuck tools, Mecaline’s power transmission products and Cutline’s cutting tools.

Finally, we offer inventory management services that include industrial vending machines and InsiteTM — this is where we provide a team at the customer site to manage stores and provide technical advice. This enables customers to track spend, ensure they are using products that are fit for purpose and reduce unnecessary waste, which all help to reduce total cost of ownership on the factory floor.

Nobody can deny it; 2019 has been tough for European manufacturing. When things get tough, MRO and the associated costs become even more important.

We are ready for that. All of us at Rubix are ready to support our customers, ensuring that the wheels of industry are turning — right across Europe — whatever their needs.

Andrew Silverbeck
Chief Financial Officer