Rubix is the leading European distributor of industrial products and services, but only has a small share of the overall market. I can’t think of another industry that is fragmented to the same extent.

Since the industrial revolution, production has been concentrated in certain regions of European countries. Strong, local distribution businesses have served these areas.

Distributing beyond the those regions required, and still requires, a level of investment that most local businesses could not make. In the past, they didn’t need to; they were very successful businesses in their own right. Now, the dynamics of distribution have changed.

Any industrial distribution business that is not extending its reach beyond the immediate area is at risk. Those businesses need capital, expertise and infrastructure to power the next phase of their development.

As the largest European industrial distributor with a strong track record of acquiring and integrating businesses, that’s precisely what we can offer.

Our ambition is to establish Rubix as the consolidator of choice for European industrial distribution.

We will do this by continuing to pursue acquisitions that either extend our reach within our chosen markets, or add to the portfolio of products and services that we offer to our customers, and sometimes both.

Getting it right requires careful consideration of a number of factors.

Firstly, the history of the business. Founder-owners or current managers of family businesses want to be sure that the decision to sell is the right one. It is a significant moment whether they have built the business themselves or they have nurtured the family business.

Secondly, the quality of the people. Our focus on solving the manufacturing and processing problems of our customers requires a network of technical experts that are ready to serve them, wherever they need us. When we buy a business, it is the people delivering solutions to customers that makes Rubix stronger.

Thirdly, the personal opportunity or challenge for the owner. In some cases, a sale is a retirement solution while others are attracted by the challenge of continuing their careers with new roles as part of a larger, market-leading Group.

Finally, and ultimately, it often comes down to the long-term sustainability of their business. Our approach is about helping to make great businesses even better. Becoming part of the Rubix family provides access to our suppliers, customers and the rest of our network.

Rubix offers a one-step move into European market leadership that protects the business, its people and the legacy of the owner.

Lionel Aillerie
Group Head of M&A