E-commerce solutions driving compliance and efficiency

Business situation


A global solutions, services and products provider was looking to implement punch-out catalogues across Europe and to reach 100% of orders on a digital tool.

Rubix and one other supplier were selected to help achieve this objective, with all other suppliers being removed.

Business approach


Punch-out catalogues were already implemented in France so the biggest actions were to organise training on site and in local branches.

Rubix also implemented the process with the e-business teams in other countries where the catalogue was not in existence. Marketing documents were built in each country to promote the catalogue & communicate to end-users.

Outcome / saving


Closing of EU level and local suppliers led to indirect cost reductions. Each supplier removed saved €1,500.

1 year after implementing punch-out catalogues with the help of Rubix, the customer saw a 145% increase in the number of orders. Each digital order represents €70 of savings.

The client now also has better control of spend.

Saving  €134,000