Established in 1991, the company has evolved into a major supplier of pneumatics, full-line compressed air systems and associated industrial services. Headquartered in Toruń, the company employs 99 highly skilled operatives and professionals, within various departments and several branches across the country.

The most popular service offered by the company, is improving the production process: express manufacture of standard and bespoke pneumatic cylinders, non-standard industrial pneumatic components, maintaining industrial plants, customized and unique components dedicated to the specific working conditions such as low temperatures or hazardous atmosphere (ATEX).

With a range of over 40.000 products Hafner is capable to arrange the next day delivery.
The ability of the delivery standard pneumatic cylinders within 24 hours is the best-known service of the company.

The company has been awarded by several organisations from the private and public sectors.
Hafner serves a broad range of industrial customers. The goal is to increase durability of the equipment, and machinery in the manufacturing environment.