Within just 24 hours we designed a solution to produce critical components for ventilators and manufactured the bespoke cutting tool inserts.

The UK’s national health service has asked manufacturing businesses to help meet the urgent demand for ventilators.

Precision engineering business Nasmyth Group called Matrix (acquired in December 2018) on Monday morning – 30 March – as they had been commissioned to participate with one of their customers on the government‘s fast-track ventilator project.

Nasmyth needed Matrix to design a solution that would enable production of 4,000 critical ventilator components by its deadline of Friday 3 April. The team started work immediately and completed the design by the end of the day.

However, to manufacture the components, Nasmyth needed the bespoke cutting tool inserts to be created very quickly.

The team at Peter Campbell Sales (acquired in October 2019) worked through the night to manufacture the parts, which were collected by special government couriers in the morning.