Rubix is helping the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium to build 15,000 ventilators for the NHS.

The consortium was having an issue sourcing a special grease required to assemble the ventilators. Without this particular grease, there was a risk that production of these vital machines would be delayed.

Rubix UK was called in to solve the problem. Having contacted all the major suppliers in the UK, only to find that it was only available on a long delivery time, or not available at all, the team turned to our pan-European network for a solution.

Teams in Spain, Germany and Poland responded to the internal request within minutes. The full quantity was sourced, ordered and delivered direct to the Ford Estate at Dagenham – where the consortium is building ventilator sub-assemblies – all within the required time frame.

This prevented any loss of production and ensured the line could continue to operate, building ventilators and supporting the fight against coronavirus.