We are pleased to have signed a letter of intent with Siemens Low Voltage Motors for a pan-European agreement.

The motors are fully customisable and come with service and support packages, while advice and installation is available from Rubix’s network of technical experts.

As set out in the recent Rubix white paper ‘Quick wins to cut energy waste’, motor driven systems represent more than two-thirds of electricity consumption in industry. Typically, those systems are only 36% efficient but with the right interventions, they can achieve over 70%.

Replacing motors with low energy efficiency ratings is one of those most effective ways to improve efficiency, reducing costs and limiting Co2 emissions.

Maarten Bode (left) and Arno Hoier (right)

Commenting on the agreement, Maarten Bode, VP and Group Head of Category Management at Rubix said: “Motor-driven systems are used across the factories and production sites of Europe. This agreement further develops the offer we can take to our customers at a time when all manufacturers are working hard to limit the impact of energy prices while also making progress towards environmental objectives.”

Arno Hoier, Vice President & General Manager Low Voltage Motors Europe at Siemens added: “We’re delighted to sign this agreement with Europe’s leading industrial distributor and look forward to working in partnership as we continue to support manufacturers in meeting the challenges they face right now, and in the future.”