Legoueix is based in Gennevilliers, in the Paris region, and specialises in providing industrial products and services to customers in the water and energy sectors.

The acquisition supports Rubix’s strategy to develop technical skills centres, providing access to industry expertise as well as a loyal customer base.

Legoueix was founded over 150 years ago, has 46 employees and delivered €20m of sales in 2018. It will continue to operate under its existing brand.

François Coutant, Executive Officer, Legoueix, will work to ensure a smooth transition with Rubix France.

Franck Voisin, CEO of Rubix France, said: “We are pleased to welcome Legoueix and its teams to our Group. With its excellent reputation for high-quality service and expertise in the energy and water sectors, the company adds great support to our offer in these areas, where demand is high against a backdrop of the transition to new forms of energy supply.”

Commenting on the sale of his business, Coutant said:“In completing this sale, our company which was founded over 150 years ago, is now beginning a new chapter. We will be able to pursue the planned growth of our business in 2019, without disruption, and respond to changes in our clients’ demands. I am delighted about this agreement which provides our company with a positive outlook while bringing in new resources to enable us to rise to our new challenges.”

All Legoueix employees will join Rubix and all client contracts will be maintained and managed by Legoueix.