Signed in April, Rubix has now completed the acquisition of Escudier – a leading French distributor of sealing solutions – in line with the Group’s network development strategy.

Escudier was founded in 1948 in Lyon and is managed by 4th generation family owner Yves-Olivier Soulier who will leave the business following a period of transition to Rubix. Today, Escudier is a leading player in its sector and has 17 employees.

Escudier’s MRO business is focused on serving the power generation and process industries, while it also has a long track record of working with equipment manufacturers.

Specialising in technical solutions, including products certified for use in the nuclear power industry, the company has systems and capabilities in place to serve demanding applications where traceability is key; the ability to trace a single unit back to the supplier’s manufacturing batch.

Escudier’s expertise and knowledge of its clients’ specific needs enables it to support them in their projects with advice, solutions and tailored services.

Yves-Olivier said: “After 14 years of managing Escudier, I am pleased to be handing over a solid and growing company to a group that will preserve the business and has a strategy of development in technical market niches.”

Franck Voisin, CEO of Orexad Brammer (Rubix in France), said: “We are pleased to welcome the Escudier team to Rubix. Their deep technical expertise adds strength to our capabilities in sealing. I’m looking forward to introducing their solutions and services to our customers.”