Access to technical expertise and exceptional product knowledge

Business situation


A can manufacturer had a problem in that they were needing to constantly replace vacuum hoses on the printing rollers for the canning line. This resulted in a loss of production of 1,900 cans per minute whilst the maintenance crew carried out the work.

Over the course of a year, this was having a major impact on production through 780 minutes of downtime.

Business approach


A Rubix Insite™ Manager & Local Technical Specialist came up with the idea of using a convoluted stainless steel hose with an increased bend radius and greater flexibility. The new product is easier to fit and has performed extremely well with no reported failures.

Outcome / saving


780 minutes downtime per annum was saved at a production rate of 1,900 cans per minute. This resulted in 1,482.000 extra cans per annum being produced. At a cost of £30.00 per 1,000 cans, a huge saving was achieved.

Saving €55,575