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Trusted RUBIX Security Architecture


The security policy architecture of the Trusted RUBIX RDBMS is shown in the following diagram and indicates the following:

  • The location of policy access checks relative to the SQL Engine and RDBMS Kernel is represented by the position of the box labeled with the security policy name. Policy access checks are executed over operations and objects in the RDBMS module directly below it. The DAC policy operates over SQL Engine operations and objects while all other policies operate over RDBMS Kernel operations and objects. A policy being above another policy implies that it is evaluated after the other policy.
  • The values each policy uses to calculate its security decision are enumerated in the rectangular box to the right of the box labeled with the security policy name.
  • The basic characteristics of each security policy's rules are listed under the security policy name.
  • Note that only security policies that operate directly on RDBMS objects are shown (the TR RBAC policy is not shown).


Trusted RUBIX Security Archectecture